Friday, April 3, 2009

virtual storyboarding 2

So after finding the website last week I was looking at something completely unrelated...
And found this.

More power, more features, more fun and it's a downloadable. This allows your student to make animations and dramas with virtual actors and includes the important camera angles and scenes.
I can't wait to try this out.

On another note I will be at the primary science conference at the Vines over the weekend. I will presenting with Dr Jennifer Lane from ECU. Which will be interesting because she is still making up her presentation with only 10 hours to go.... ah well it's a workshop.

I've made up a CD of some cool open source applications for a range of uses so I will be giving away copies of that as well.

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Dr. Gale said...

The link to MovieStorm does not work; however I looked it up on the Internet and I would agree with you about the possibilities. I will be trying this one out soon. Thank you for the tip.