Sunday, January 31, 2010

Free Italian Language Resources

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I went to a Catholic Primary School on Friday and mentioned my list of Japanese language resources, so the Italian Language teacher remarked where was her list?

oh brother - it looks like I have to search for all the languages taught in schools here in WA.

So here's my list so far - as always if you know of any others please let me know.

Italian 4 U About 6 games to use on computers or on your IWB

Italian online Quiz based interactives

BBC - Italian
- A range of resources for teaching and learning including sound bites, comics and more.

Italian Sites for Children - A list of stories, sound files and dictionaries - nice bunch of resources.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Japanese Language IWB resources

For some reason I have been approached by a couple of Japanese language teachers independantly looking for IWB resources and games for Japanese language classes. So I had a look around and I've found a few out there. If you know of anymore please let me know. - slime forest adventure. A RPG style game – free for the first 100 or so Kanji - A great site with a bunch of interactive flash programs to help with the basics. - from Queensland with some free worksheets that can be used at”backgrounds” for IWB’s like eBeam. - The BBC introductory site.
- A great primary site for begiining japanese. The Games section have a few flash based games that work well on interactive whiteboards. - This website provides information for both those interested in Japan and those involved in Japanese language education. There are plenty of materials that can be used for Japanese language and social studies, as well as education in international understanding. - A resource website for Japanese teachers. Resources are mainly for remixing into either paper based or IWB use.
- The companion website to the Obento Deluxe books for Secondary Students. Interactivea are available for each chapter.
- A range of printout and templates for IWB's - Survival Japanese.

Additional one I have found post post.

Eco Zoo - Thanks to Free Technology For Teachers for this one. A bilingual site (English / Japanese) for environmental awareness - Fantastic 3D visuals with this one, and a nice sound track as well.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Digital Backpack

One of the blogs I read regularly is the Techno Constructivist by Carl Anderson. An awesome site of resources that are really focused on use in the classroom. Last week he put out a revised version of his digital backpack.

Carl's digital backpack is a range of web 2.0 sites that he uses. He revised his backpack to comply with new regulations (COPPA) regarding students use of web 2.0 sites particularly the age appropriateness and privacy concerns of sign ups.

Plenty there that I haven't heard of.

Makes me think that I should put together a opensource / free software backpack.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Education the Star Trek way!

Going BoldlyImage by WilWheaton via Flickr

For those who follow this blog or who have gone back through my archives, you would know I'm a Star Trek geek. My collection focuses on prop replicas rather than figurines or models - more expensive but more fun when you can hold something that looks exactly like what was on the show.

Ahem getting back to reality... sort of, I did a workshop at the Science teachers Conference about 6 months ago about Star Trek and how it related to science and technology today. It was about how science could be more exciting and engaging if teachers could look at the drama aspects of their teaching and I Use Science fiction as an example.

So I was doing some recreational searching and rediscovered the Star Trek Exhibition which I saw in London back in 2004. It is still going and currently in the US, in San Jose. Unfortunately I'm stuck on the other side of the world and transporter beam technology has not been perfected yet so I can't go again. The website though has an educators section with two PDF's of how to integrate Star Trek into valid and engaging teaching and learning for both Primary and secondary students.

If you love the show and even if you don't have a look at the material and see if we can inspire a new batch of students to boldly go when no one has gone before (PC Version).

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy New Year!

For all th Aussie teachers, Welcome back to a new year and a new grade. Australia is one of the few countries whos school year goes by the calender year.

I have had a bit of a staycation this year as money has been a bit tight due to a new used car purchase.

Anyway I've still been looking around on the net and watching my glog roll so here are afew resources you might be interested in.

Free Audio books for kids. If you have and allow ipods or mp3 players this is a great resource. Reminds me of the books on Tape my primary library had.

HP Learning Centre
Free Lessons and cheat sheets of a range of software packages including MS Office.

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