Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More web based interactives and visualisations

I remember doing a project in primary school about cars... I think I was in year five.
I got pictures from magazines and I did research and it was one of my best projects.... But when it came the the engine part - pistons and systems - I literally copied an image/diagram out of a book and had no real understanding of what actually happens in a petrol engine. It wasn't until I saw a cut away model that you could turn the crank on and a video of what happens did I truly get the engine - this was much later when I took up motors and machines in high school.

So for all those people who were wondering what goes on under the hood. I present the interactive car.

So I was wondering that there must be heaps of these interactive animations around - I just had to find them....
Found them
This is an amazing resource of animations, visualizations and interactives.

One of my favourites is the the direct anatomy site -

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