Sunday, June 14, 2009

TurningPoint Anywhere

TurningPoint Anywhere for both Mac and PC has been upgraded!

TPA is now more Mac like for the PC - with a larger toolbar and more options. It also allows you pull reports in HTML format. So you don't need MS Excel to get your reports out of the data. There are obviously less reporting options but it does mean that if you do want to bypass MS products but still use TP you can.

So what does this mean -
Well for all of you who use Open Office or any of the online programs such as Google Docs (used with gears you can do some stuff offline), it still means you can get feedback from your audience, and get your reports.

Added to this is the opportunity to set up the questions, answers and correct answers from within TPA before running you presentation. You can still use the participant lists as well. This give a less on the fly feel to your presentations and fills out your reports with more information.

All this adds up to TPA being a great tool to add to your ARS/SRS grab bag.

TPA can be downloaded from

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