Sunday, July 26, 2009

2 new downloadable programs

Well My feet have finally hit the ground this Sunday. It has been a very busy week, with lots of presentations and stress.

Scitech Had some issues with their new Office 2007 presentation that needed to be fixed pronto. For those of you who use Office 2007 be aware that it doesn't like external links to media files from the presentation - especially if you are using 3rd party add ins like TurningPoint. So embed your media files to avoid the crashing Powerpoint syndrome.

My GF asked me if I knew of any free/open source stop motion animation programs. I said I'd look so went down to my favouite open source store - Sourceforge - and have a look around.

I found one that looks suitable - and seems to be very popular - StopMojo. It even does onion skinning and is cross platform. Looks like I'll download it because I am sure I can see some use for it at work.... hmmmm.

While I was there I found a new (to me) brainstorming / concept mapping program that looks like it work great on an IWB like eBeam. Again I will have to download it and have a go at work.
It looks a little easier to use compared to Freemind.
xmind -

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