Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lots of stuff means lots of work....

I have been bookmarking some sites - I should do it through delicious but... oh well here are a few sites and programs I have been looking at lately. Some of these will be put into the Keepad Interactive WA website. in the links section.

Draw Anywhere - a web based diagraming solution, you have to sign in but it looks great, and you can collaborate on diagrams in real time. - great web based interactives for maths, science, social studies, history and art.

Sandfields - a bunch of primary based flash resources. All are downloadable. some are subject speciafic others are adaptable to any learning area. Dowload them and put them into your ebeam scrapbook flash resources.

Nickpower - A great site for primary science teachers - interactives and links as well as some nice tools on his tools page that help with setting up experiments.

Teach ICT
- A British based ICT site with all the ICT courses and resources for high school. A great place for multichoice questions to put into turning point.

Have fun with that lot - Piles more to get through this weekend.

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