Monday, December 14, 2009

All these kids know more about computers than me....

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Ummm... actually no they don't.

Sometimes I hear teachers say this in my presentations or in the staff room. To many teachers they assume from past experience that all their students can blog, make music, edit video, create websites, and work any electronic gizmo that they face. While it is true that the geek is slowly inheriting the earth, there is a huge number of students coming through who just barely know how to set up a facebook profile and use email, and you can just forget about editing video or working a spreadsheet.

While there are some great teachers of technology around sometimes it is best that they learn from their peers. This is where fresh brain fills the gap and could even help a few of us teachers.

Based around the fast moving "missed curriculum" this site helps students do the things that us adults think they are doing... making you tube videos and facebook applications.

For more formal training in application you could try Atomic Learning for paid tutorials or Nortel's Learn IT site which is free.

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