Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mobile Interactive Classroom

I've just finished making up a client's special order. Usually the equipment that I sell goes into a school or college and stays put - usually in a classroom. This client is different.

The client has a group of lecturers that go to a range of community centres to do ESL classes for the community. Because these classes are part of a government program they must use some aspect of the Internet and make it accessible to the students. These are language teachers not technicians, so setting up a mobile lab of 15 computers and then lugging it to the next community centre would be problematic.

The solution was a mobile interactive classroom. The client has bought 15 kits that we put together for them - Each kit contains

a laptop
an eBeam IWB solution
an Epson 1725 projector (with 3000 ansi lumens - but small and light)
A USB 3G modem
and a Targus Urban Overnight roller bag for it all to go into -

This kit lets the teacher walk into any centre, grab a whiteboard and set up in about 5-10mins. All the resources will be on the laptop and they will also have access to all the resources on the Internet as well. Then when they have finished it all packs down into the overnight bag that they just wheel out to their car.

This is an such a great idea not only for community based language teachers, but any teacher that has to move from school to school.

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Mrs. Tenkely said...

What a great solution! Passing the idea on to our middle school, teachers switch classrooms all day.