Thursday, March 10, 2011

Khan Acadamy - upgraded

A couple of years ago I talked about the Khan Acadamy and how this Salman Khan had put together a huge amount of instructional videos just using his brain and a wacom tablet and made them free for the world via YouTube...

Well you should see his organisation now. With a new TED talk where he explains how it all started and what you can do now with classes and as a teacher - this has to be one of the revolutions of education.

His tracking software and the re imagining of school classrooms one of the great synergies of technology in eduction. This is what technology is for.

To have a look, set yourself up and to get a little brain food - head over to


Robin L. Phares said...

I am a bit confused. How do students get accounts? I see how teachers do, I understand that students put in their teachers email but I do not see where students get accounts.

Do they all need google accounts?

Thanks in advance for your time on this.

Hall Jackson said...

Hi Robin

Yes your students do need to gave either facebook or gmail accounts. I think google has EDU mail accounts for students that lets teachers monitor their accounts.
go to

for some more information.

It is worth noting that students can become coaches as well - so you can set up peer teaching in multi age classrooms.