Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Free HTML5 game and Learning Object Authoring

I found it!!!!

Holy cow did it take a long time but I think I have finally found it!!

It helps to know what I was looking for so you can understand my happiness. for the last year or so I have been looking for a HTML5 development environment that suits my set of skills - i.e. coding (minimal) visual design and instructional design (that I can do).

I've used Authorware in the dark distant past, and tried Courselab as recently as last year producing a few learning objects but there were issues that made working with it very painfull. Lately I have been using Opus7 to create Flash based learning objects, but it seems everyone is moving to HTML5 so that their content can play nicely with the iPad / Android tablet.

I've looked at a range of Development environments and even looked at Adobe Captivate - but as a private citizen not attached to a school the price was to be frank - ridiculous.

So imagine my joy at finding Construct2 - natively building HTML5 apps, animations and interactive fun stuff - and there is a free version to use that does just about everything I need. Once I've finished evaluating it I will be stumping up for the $399 for the full pro version.

It's a completely visual IDE - so code is kept in the background if you don't want to deal with it - I do play with code every now and then but I try to avoid it if I can- I'm into rapid development.

It's designed around games but it is perfect for the learning objects I'm trying to create for IWB's


socialstudiesbrady said...

It sounds good. Do you have anything that you've made that is educational that could be viewed?

Hall Jackson said...

Not yet... I'm currently trying to emulate samples of previous projects to see what the limitations are.

Rowan Chernin said...

Hi Hall,
I'm contacting you from TES Iboard in the UK.

We've go a new range of Australian Interactive Resources by TES Iboard I'd like to discuss.

I'd be very grateful if you could get in touch

Many thanks,

garlie charls said...

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Cristal Nora said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hall!

Tom here from Scirra, very excited to see such a positive response from you about Construct 2!

We'd love to learn more about your experiences/thoughts of Construct 2 from a teaching perspective if you can offer them (for use on our new educational pages on our website), could you drop me an email to if possible?

Kind regards,


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