Wednesday, April 20, 2016

AAAAnd we are back

Well that was a nice break...

So what has been happening since I've been gone from this blog... quite a lot really and then not so much.

Interactive LCD's

As predicted the prices have continued to fall and schools are now looking at them as the obvious successor to their IWB+projector installation.

Keepad Interactive (the company I work for) have picked up quite a few options for schools and corporate installations. Surprisingly Viewsonic is back in the game (you remember their CRT monitors with the colourful parrots up in the top corner)  with a very nice interactive LCD line up from 55" to 70". I've installed a couple in a school recently and I'm really impressed with the surface, stand alone capabilities and responsiveness of the screen.

Keepad also now have license to sell SMART and Promethean screens as well as their software - so for schools already invested in that technology they can continue to work with it.

SMART Australia has has a bit of a rough 18 months with a new master distributor being appointed and issues with stock availability as well as confusion over their licensing... It looks like it has worked itself out.

Classroom Projectors

Epson are still leading the way with their 595wi interactive touch projector with more and more school picking it up as their replacement for IWB's due to the cost savings. We have come across a few issues with cheaply made whiteboards that are warped and bent that make set up for these very difficult and have ongoing problems. We are advising all our clients to invest in a quality whiteboard when installing these projectors to get the best results.

Large Format Projectors

We have just finished a major installation at a Perth high school. They wanted a projection solution for their gym. Originally wanting to project down court, we showed than a way to go cross court with two powerful G series projectors from Epson onto 200" motorised screens. We also integrated a PA system including wireless microphones and four 12" speakers to give them clear sound even when the gym is full for a school assembly.

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Sue Bicknell said...

Ahh, interesting comment on Smart. I am looking at the options as our older boards approach replacing, and realised our previous suppliers no longer stocked them, and was having trouble finding sellers.
We also have screens which I detest- glossy, and the software is not as friendly. But much cheaper installation of course.
Thanks for your insights.