Monday, November 3, 2008

Ebeam GNU/Linux

OK so it is not entirely native (works under wine) but eBeam Interact and Scrapbook work on my little Japanese Hitachi Laptop. Who Hoo - great job luidia - now all you have to do is get capture organised and we will be on the same level.

After work I'm taking it down to the back training room to fire it up with the projector!!!

Go to for drivers for ubuntu and openSUSE

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Terry said...

You might want to mention that you need to buy there $800 dollar hardware to get it to work. The basic white-board seems to install. But the "pallet" you show in your screen shot only comes with the hardware purchase. And that is the "meat and potatoes" of the functionality.Customer support told me the software (the rest of it I guess) is $250. Have not heard back yet as to what that will get me. I want to use it with a "Gyration" presenter mouse.