Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Schlopping

Well I've just spent the afternoon Christmas shopping in the CBD of Perth. I'm always surprised how small Perth City CBD seems, yet it is fairly big compared to some of the cities I have lived and visited around the world.

So I got some of my Christmas shopping done, and picked up the latest Girl Talk album. Yes I still buy CD's on occasion - and this one has blown me away. As an old DJ it is like taking me back to the days behind the decks during the 90's. I've got my headphones on and smiling as he mixes a bit of grunge with club with hip hop with rap and old school rock all in one and it bloody works.

On a sad note George Oats lost her job with Fickr/Yahoo as part of some mass layoffs. George was responsible for the Flickr commons, where public photo collections from major museums and libraries were uploaded with a CC licence. This was a very worthwhile project as it allowed people to tag and make relevent a huge range of public images.

This effects eBeam to some degree as it has a link to Flickr content that is public domain or CC licenced. But the fact this project has now been effectively killed makes me sad.

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