Sunday, December 14, 2008

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Sometimes you think you are the only one out there doing stuff - In my case collecting resources for teachers... Then you come across someone who has been doing it longer than you... far longer.

Here is a new site/blog to check out. Based in Canada The teacher List is a great multinational resource for teachers from k-12.

Here is a coupple of the links on his site

School WAX TV - Mini lessons both live action or animated

DOC COP - An anti plagerism service based in Melbourne, with a couple of free option to upload students work and find out if it was all or partly ripped off the net or a fellow student. - Documentaries, teaching ideas, forums and discussions - UK based this is a gold mine for teachers to expand their horizons.

Best online Docos - Name says it all really -

Shodor Interactivate - A huge amount of maths based activities from primary to secondary.

Go have a look and see what you find useful.

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