Friday, May 25, 2012

iPads, tablets and IWB's


They are starting to pop up in primary and secondary schools all over Australia and from the blogs I read - all over the world. Mostly on a trial basis to see what teachers and students can do with them in the classroom.

One of the questions I have been asked at conferences recently is "How do I integrate my IWB with an iPad?"

There are a couple of ways to do it...

  • AppleTV method - With the release of iOS5 the new AppleTV and a new projector with HDMI - you now have a great solution to getting content from the iPad to the projector wirelessly. 
    • How does it work? Connect the AppleTV to your projector and link it in with the same wireless network as the iPad. The iPad will recognise that there is and AppleTV on the network and let you mirror what is on the ipad to the AppleTV and therefore the projector.
    • The downside to this is that anyone with a iPad will be able to push their iPad screen to any AppleTV screen on the network. In some schools that would be too much temptation for some kids.
  • Cloud Whiteboard solution - Use something like the eBeam connect cloud whiteboard. This lets you control who gets to participate and track participation. With the additional free app of eBeam Snapcam students/teachers can send photos to the whiteboard. It will also work with laptops and Android tablets as well.
    • How does it work? You connect your laptop to the IWB as per normal - go to eBeam connect, login and start a new board. up in settings there will be a meeting number that you can show to students so they can also join the board after logging in on the iPad.
    • The downside - Its a bit slow at the moment due to it being a beta program based in the US. 
If you know of any other way to integrate the two technologies feel free to leave a comment so I can follow it up.


Kim Ly @ KSHS said...

I've heard you can get an adaptor that transfers info wireless to your projector?

Hall Jackson said...

Yep - Epson have wireless adapter for a large section of the projectors as well as an iOS app to push content wirelessly... unfortunately it only does documents, web pages and images from your galleries / photo rolls. If you want to show students a cool app you have to either wire in or use an Apple TV.

malar said...

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