Thursday, May 31, 2012

Universal Interactive Whiteboard Software - top 3 so far

Don't you wish there was a universal interactive whiteboard program - that could work on any IWB whether it was a home made WiiMote to a $10000 interactive LCD/LED screen. One that had all the functions you needed and could save to a couple of file formats that just about anyone could open content. Oh and cross platform too please.

Me too - still haven't found it yet either.

But here are 3 that come close...

eBeam ScrapBook. My pick for Primary to middle school, ebeam scapbook is a solid IWB program that does not require you to own an eBeam or have one connected for it to work. With things like video and stroke playback, the ability to bring in just about any image file plus flash animations and video its a well rounded package. Saves as either proprietary, HTML PDF, PPT, JPG, or PNG. Cross platform.

Microsoft OneNote. Seriously overlooked and most people don't even know they have it. This is my pick for middle and high schools plus tertiary and training centres. Great range of tools and drawing capability. The handwriting recognition is fantastic and the math symbol recognition is great if a little buggy. The sharing function is great if you are online and want to share your notebook.
Saves files as Onenote, PDF, DOC, HTML.

Open Sankore. I've just come across this and Wow! - Just wow! Free and fantastic - this is a little different but once you get used to it holy cow. This is one of the most feature-full IWB programs I have come across. It's a regular IWB in many respects with a smaller gallery than most but nothing that can't be expanded. But the widgets/apps that you can add are amazing.

Imagine being able to embed just about any file from the web
Imagine having a google map working within your whiteboard - wikipedia and wikictionary as well.
Imagine being able to have a page as big as you want (scrolling)
Imagine being able to embed working websites into the document
Imagine being able to create your own widgets with a just using HTML and CSS

I'd give this a go in a classroom - the interface is non standard but does make sense and auto saves your work until you want to export it. It has a nice extended desktop function for interactive pen displays.
Exports only as Sankore or PDF.


Charles Petal said...

The hand writing identification is amazing and the mathematical icon identification is excellent if a little push chair.

remote desktop

Hall Jackson said...

I take it you mean OneNote. I have to agree the select to convert option is great and means you don't have to remember to pull up the handwriting recognition app before you actually start writing.

The maths recognition is a little more difficult to get right but at least there is an option to try.

I also like the option to save as a DOC.

Knowpronto said...
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Sam Jephson said...

I’m also fascinated with interactive whiteboards, and like you, I wish that there would be a universal IWB where you can put all your work, regardless of whatever it is. That would greatly help a lot of areas, whether education, business, bio medical, or design. These open source programs can be good, but I think the problem with them is that they do not offer as many capabilities as paid programs. Anyway, with the fast-paced development of technology today, maybe we can have a universal IWB in the future.

Colin Butcher said...

Open Sankore was formerly known as Uniboard. I've been using it for some years to give talks and webinars because of the simplicity of use and the ability to draw over slides or add slides. The recent versions will also record a podcast and save the slides + audio as a WMV file, which works very well. All you need is your slides and a graphics tablet.

The way I use it is as follows: create slides in PowerPoint; save as PDF using Acrobat; import into Open Sankore; use the graphics tablet to step through the slides, annotate, hightlight etc. as needed. For recording a talk, I use a headset for the audio and record the whole thing as a podcast in WMV format. I think it works very well on the whole.

B.Ashton said...

The software is all so useful for the kids, they will learn with fun.

Muriel Raes said...

Have you heard of Notateit? There is a free version, but the paying version has more functionality. I think it's great value for money.

Ashton Austin said...

What is IWB?

Mike Neumann said...

IWB = Interactive White Board

Fred Clinton said...

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Marcy White said...

Another great option is Lucidchart! You can check it out at

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