Monday, September 28, 2009

create your own blogzine

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This is agreat tool to use in school when you are trying to engage the reluctant teachers at your school. Make your own Magazine with the content from your PLN.


You read blogs as part of your personal learning network, somtimes the posts are relevent sometimes they are not but the shear number of people you connect to gives you at least something everyday.

Wouldn't it be great if you could automagically take articles from a range of feeds and put them into a pdf or ebook to then pass on to others or keep as a library of resources and ideas that you can use in your school. A bit like taking articles that you like and making your own magazine...

zinepal will do the hard work for you - no more cutting and pasting. Just put in the blog addresses and then choose the posts you want to include - then zinepal pat it together into a two column layout ready for printing or emailing. The images embeded will come too and you can customise the look and feel to a degree (mostly with limited fonts). You could then throw it up to issuu so everyone could look at it.

If you need to do more editing throw it at to convert it to an editable document, and then publish it.

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