Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Interesting things to do with your data projector

I subscribe to some blogs that don't strictly have anything to do with technology in education. One of them is digital motion a blog that talks about tools for VJ's. Video Jockeys are people who mix video and sound for installations, performances and night clubs to create mood and atmosphere - much like a DJ only with light.

One of the tools discussed recently was VPT - Video Projection Tool. What it allows you to do is to take various streams of video and images and using one or two projectors, project them onto multiple surfaces as if you had a projector for each surface. For instance you have 5 videos playing and being projected onto 5 different surfaces at all sitting at different angles - from the one projector.

I see a big potential for this technology in theatre arts - reducing the number of projectors being used and being able to control everything from one computer. And being free it definitely keeps the costs down. - Virtual sets.

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