Sunday, January 17, 2010

Education the Star Trek way!

Going BoldlyImage by WilWheaton via Flickr

For those who follow this blog or who have gone back through my archives, you would know I'm a Star Trek geek. My collection focuses on prop replicas rather than figurines or models - more expensive but more fun when you can hold something that looks exactly like what was on the show.

Ahem getting back to reality... sort of, I did a workshop at the Science teachers Conference about 6 months ago about Star Trek and how it related to science and technology today. It was about how science could be more exciting and engaging if teachers could look at the drama aspects of their teaching and I Use Science fiction as an example.

So I was doing some recreational searching and rediscovered the Star Trek Exhibition which I saw in London back in 2004. It is still going and currently in the US, in San Jose. Unfortunately I'm stuck on the other side of the world and transporter beam technology has not been perfected yet so I can't go again. The website though has an educators section with two PDF's of how to integrate Star Trek into valid and engaging teaching and learning for both Primary and secondary students.

If you love the show and even if you don't have a look at the material and see if we can inspire a new batch of students to boldly go when no one has gone before (PC Version).

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