Saturday, January 23, 2010

Japanese Language IWB resources

For some reason I have been approached by a couple of Japanese language teachers independantly looking for IWB resources and games for Japanese language classes. So I had a look around and I've found a few out there. If you know of anymore please let me know. - slime forest adventure. A RPG style game – free for the first 100 or so Kanji - A great site with a bunch of interactive flash programs to help with the basics. - from Queensland with some free worksheets that can be used at”backgrounds” for IWB’s like eBeam. - The BBC introductory site.
- A great primary site for begiining japanese. The Games section have a few flash based games that work well on interactive whiteboards. - This website provides information for both those interested in Japan and those involved in Japanese language education. There are plenty of materials that can be used for Japanese language and social studies, as well as education in international understanding. - A resource website for Japanese teachers. Resources are mainly for remixing into either paper based or IWB use.
- The companion website to the Obento Deluxe books for Secondary Students. Interactivea are available for each chapter.
- A range of printout and templates for IWB's - Survival Japanese.

Additional one I have found post post.

Eco Zoo - Thanks to Free Technology For Teachers for this one. A bilingual site (English / Japanese) for environmental awareness - Fantastic 3D visuals with this one, and a nice sound track as well.

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@kmtrain said...

Love this list! I am so happy that my daughter gets to take Japanese and cringe every time there is a budget cut. I'll send your blog post to her teacher to see if it gets her some points!

LAM said...

Thanks for the great resources. There are a few ESL/ELL students here that will benefit greatly from this IWB practice in their native language.

Mrs. Tenkely said...

Funny, a week ago I wouldn't have needed this list, just got asked this week if I knew of any Japanese resources. :) Will pass on your post. Thank you for making me look so good!!

Langma School said...

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