Sunday, September 7, 2008

Being Googable

I just got an email this weekend from the president of our state association of computer educators. I seems someone was looking for me an found to their dismay that I'm "ungoogable" - his word not mine.

It got me thinking, in the old days you were nobody if you weren't in the papers or on TV, now if people can't find you on Google, then your pretty much a nobody.

Now there are certain advantages to being a nobody. Being able to do things without people recognising you, your work or your mistakes means that some stuff can be accomplished more successfully. It also means that you can change direction without the baggage of your previous life catching up to you.

Unfortunately in my current role I have to be "somebody". It suits me fine by the way. It forces me to step up and to put 100% into everything I do everyday. So building my somebody status includes making a mark on the nets, be they interpersonal or electronic.

So the purpose of this and coming prose is for me to be found by those who seek, to give to the open source community the only thing I can - publicity, and to push the barrow of my current employer (Keepad Interactive).

Feel free to comment on the posts I put up, and if you have any suggestions for inclusion on my links page of FLOSS software for educators, please send it along.

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