Thursday, September 11, 2008

Speaking in front of the Australian Computer Society

Sometimes I do things in my job that I never thought I would do. Yesterday I had the privilege to talk at a meeting of the Australian Computer Society. This group was set up and long time before computers became ubiquitous, and has members from university professors to IT managers from some of the top multinationals.

In front of these esteemed people I go and do a very quick demonstration of eBeam, while my colleague does the same thing for TurningPoint ARS.

It is always satisfying to get the jaw drop from people who haven't seen eBeam or TurningPoint, it was even better when you had the calibre of the people in that room.

Both of us got a lot of questions after our demonstrations, and we realised that these guys were so into the management side of things that they hardly got to see all the new technology used effectively.

Makes me glad I have the opportunity to play with new technology on a daily basis.

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