Sunday, September 14, 2008

Interactive labs

Science teacher have it tough. They have one of the most costly subjects in a school to teach, yet get a very small budget. In my website of links to good software I have things like virtual lab, Phet and Phun that can simulate some experiments, but are mostly focused on Physics. I have recently come across HHMI Biointeractive. This focuses on high end biology, and directs students through simulations commonly done in high end labs. Being a primary teacher means that a lot of this is beyond my background knowledge, but it looks like it covers many of the topics in year 11 and 12.

For a lower stage of learning there is Science Lab by Schlumberger - a range of interative applets that let students experiment with things like trains for the dopler effect.

I keep looking for great science web ages, Java/Flash applets, but if you have a favourite that I haven't found yet, please drop me a line.

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Harry said...

Take a look at

Almost every virtual lab is a simulation. These are not.

For example, the chemistry lab on analysis of hydrates has 100 hydrate analyses plus an at-home experiment that anyone can do.

Of course, these aren't free. Still, for $10 per student to use perhaps 25 of these labs, they aren't expensive either. (Minimum purchase applies.)