Sunday, September 14, 2008

Conference conference conference

It must be conference season...

I have two that I am involved in - back to back next weekend. The first is the Australian Association of Special Educators, a nation conference to be held in Fremantle. We are the gold sponsor and are supplying them with pre and post conference evaluation. This will be a great way to get in contact with a range of educators who specialise in students that need that extra help due to a physical or mental disability.

The second is the Australian Secondary Principals Association. This is a national conference held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Both conferences are using TurningPoint ARS for surveying their audience. TP is great for this but I often worry that people don't get to see the other things that the technology can do, especially in assessment and reports. At least the technology is getting into the hands of educators.

Speaking of getting into the hands of educators - One of my primary school clients came up with a novel way to get their staff involved and more familiar with their TurningPoint kit. I'm sure you have heard of the 2 truths and a lie game. What they did was to compile a PowerPont and gave each teacher a slide on which they could put two truths and a lie. The rest of the staff voted, and using the participant list, were able to give away prizes for correct guesses. It was a great ice breaker for the staff and made them more comfortable with the technology.

If you have used TP in a novel way, please email me so I can pass on great ideas.

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