Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Let me catch my breath......

There was a reason for my lack of writing... work.
More specifically two conferences back to back.

The First was the AASE conference (Australian Association of Special Educators - pronounced "ace"). We were there not only as an exhibitor but also to do Pre and post evaluation using TurningPoint ARS. That was from Friday to Saturday.

We had a lot of interest in both eBeam and Turning Point, but what surprised us was the interest in the NOVA5000. We were the only ICT hardware exibitor there so a lot of interest focused on how to use the technology in their very specific learning environments.

It was great to see teachers so enthused, there was lot of discussion on how they could really help their kids with our technology.

From Sunday to Wednesday was the ASPA (Australian Secondary Principal Association)conference. Same amount of delegates, but a lot more sponsors and exhibitors. I think every competitor was there trying to get the attention of a lot of decision makers in the room.

For us it was a great conference; speakers were using TurningPoint as part of the presentations, and it gave principals the chance to compare different IWB technologies, which his a great thing for us.

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