Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and TAFE WA

Dr KarlImage via Wikipedia

Now there is a combination you wouldn't expect.

Dr Karl was the MC at the recent Central TAFE forum/PD day. Keepad sponsored the event in kind with keepads for the e-Quiz. The result was that I got to meet and work with the man I have listened to on Triple J for over ten years.

It was one of those surreal geek moments being up on stage in front of about 400 people sharing banter with Australia's polymath.

Yes he is as interesting in real life as he is on radio and TV, and very easy to talk to.

Even more surreal was that two people on the panel who were on stage with us were friends of mine. David Appleby who works at WestOne, and Dr Jenny Lane from ECU answered some curly questions from Dr Karl about an organisation they didn't belong to.

One of the reasons I love my job.

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