Friday, October 30, 2009

Free Robot Voice Maker

So you have bought and Ed-e, you have programed some moves, you have downloaded them into Ed-e but it needs something else - he can walk but he can't talk.

Now you could just use your own voice but it would be much more fun if he had a robot voice. For that you are going to need a vocoder.

I've looked around and most vocoders are either hardware (analogue) or plugins for synthesisers like pro tools and the like. I finally found a stand alone vocoder - Zerius, and it's free.

Record your voice (use the basic recorder in windows accessories - save it as a mono not stereo) - thats your modulator file.
Choose a carrier - the carrier files are tones or noise, this is what effects your voice
and give the output file a name and a location - this is what gets saved.

Download your output file into Ed-e, assign a key press from the remote and now he talks with the robot voice.

You can also do your Daft Punk impression now - Harder, better, faster, stronger! (couldn't resist!)

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