Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Keepad Website

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Every now and then I need to do my job on this Blog. Sure I point you to links and cool stuff online and free programs you can use with your IWB. But I also work for a great company who encourages me to share all this with you. So a bit of payment is due.

Keepad Interactive have just released their new website. On it you will find our latest software for both TurningPoint Audience response systems but also eBeam Interact and Capture software.

A training page with tutorial videos for eBeam will make getting to grips with it a lot easier for some.

It also showcases all our products that have recently been added to the stable. This includes Ed-E from RM and the projectors and document cameras from Epson.

The Site is www.keepad.com and although missing the au is still based in Australia.

Go have a look and if you like it or hate it please contact us and let us know.

I can't sign off though without something to use for free. Copyright Friendly is a place to pick up copyright friendly images and sounds from a central place. With lots of links to big directories it';s a great resource for both you and your students.

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