Sunday, October 18, 2009

Not the 9 o'clock news - free news resources

We have a new piece of software at the office that has got everybody interested in their web cam again. It's called Newsmaker from Dataworks and has been included into our software catalogue.

The basic premise is for students to setup their own Vodcasts. The software handles real time effects, as well as a basic autocue. It is fairly simple to use and is good fun, but can do some fairly decent effects like inset video and subtitles in real time. I can see a whole range of uses from doing a basic show and tell show, to a fully fledged news production show. The software is quite reasonably priced but you could do this with other free software - just not as integrated.

So that's all good, but how to localise it so that kids go from the known (what they see on TV) to the unknown - producing a TV news segment? I found this site while helping my girlfriend prepare for her class assembly. As you may know I'm based in Perth so this was perfect - watelevision .
It has news on what is happening as far as TV media goes in our state as well as a nice page of resources including theme music, logos and fonts for all the channel's news shows! Bonus! Just what you need to mock up a television news segment.

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