Friday, October 23, 2009

eBig Books

Cover of "Aesop's Fables (Oxford World's ...Cover via Amazon

I was at a school earlier this week, demonstrating eBeam and the Epson document camera. One of the teachers asked if there was a way to get big books up on screen. I showed them a free book from and they were ecstatic. So thinking that there might be more teachers who need this type of resource I had a look through my bookmarks and found a few good ones.
- This is a subscription service but they do have a wide range of well known books as it is supported by major publishers. You can get a free account but it does tend to limit you. the minimum you will pay as a teacher would be about $7 per month - which when you think about it is no that much for access to over 10 000 big books. The page turning animation is nice in it and it fills the screen. This is one of those times where it might be worth handing over some cash for access to this type of resource.

Storybird - On the other hand you have storybird, where anyone can make a digital storybook and publish it. This is a great way to get kids into real publishing where their creations go online for the world to see. There has been a lot of buzz regarding this site as it allows collaboration between students at the same time.

StoryPlace - a great resource with personalised books and audio - very interactive and great for lower level readers.

ICDL - The international Children's Digital Library has books from all over the world. The reader is not as good as the above two but makes up for it in content and the ability to get children's books in a range of languages and from different cultures. a real treasure chest of content.

Aesop's Fables - Txt based only but great for story ideas and embellishments. Not really suitable for a big book unless you make it yourself with storybird or issuu.

Children's Books on-line - JPG based old style picture books. - Ebooks can be purchased.

Unvarnished Brothers Grimm - they weren't called grim for nothing.

If you have any more please let me know! I'd like to put together a "big Book" virtual library.

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Big Universe also has the ability to publish your own book and share it with others.